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On-demand Truck Booking App Development


In today’s competitive business environment, getting the correct products to the right place at the right time via the most cost-effective manner is paramount for your business’ success. To stay ahead, tech-smart operations, savvy professionals are using logistics and supply chain mobile applications as must-have tools for operational excellence. These apps help companies achieve every business process from tracking inventory and shipments to booking meetings with clients to tracking tasks and projects. There are even apps that can replace the traditional logbook to make your job easier

The logistics drive businesses globally. Whenever entrepreneurs think of widening their footprints across geographies, the transportation and logistics sector lends a helping hand. This is the reason why this sector is thriving by leaps and bounds these days. The survey conducted on the logistics and transportation industry in the US has revealed that the spending in this industry is around 8 percent of the US GDP.

Logistics can manage the transportation of the goods and materials and involve various processes including warehousing, material handling, supply chain management, and the like. To smoothen the operations and address the ever-changing needs, the logistics domain needs a technology support. There, logistics mobile app development comes into the picture. Here we will see the features and benefits of logistics app for your business. In a competitive business scenario when your transportation and logistics business comes across challenges every now and then, you should opt for an advanced app. The customized logistics and transportation mobile app with the cutting-edge features and a seamless performance can give your business an edge over peers.



 One of the most flexible trucking apps that allow those who work within transport sector to spend less time completing paperwork and instead tracks GPS locations, making this app the easiest way to stay compliant, track GPS and find your truck routes. This application even has a chat function so you’re able to communicate with your fleet through text and image. Hawk-Eye is available through IOS and Andriod.

Price calculations. You’ll need to calculate fuel costs, drivers’ fees, vehicle costs, and vehicle depreciation if you own the vehicle. The total delivery price will also include a fixed margin. Prices are typically higher on certain days of the week or month, so your system should also be able to account for that. After a user chooses a day and add-on services, your system should be able to define the price of delivery. 

Load building and optimization. Load planning takes many hours a day for a company with more than a hundred shipments annually. A TMS should minimize this process to a few minutes thanks to algorithms. Filtering by parameters such as route, warehouse, order type, commodity group, delivery date, account, and order source allows users to build optimized loads. 

Building optimal routes. Poor routing leads to higher mileage and higher fleet costs. Route optimization helps to avoid such trouble by building efficient truck loads and multi-stop schedules. In Smart Logistics, we made a system that suggests alternative vehicles meeting the required delivery timeframe and other requirements such as refrigeration. The system also sets routes based on the optimal price/speed ratio. A user can manually prioritize between cheaper and faster as needed. 

Tracking shipment progress. The ability to track shipments in progress helps you identify and solve issues that occur during delivery before they affect customers or raise your costs. For this reason, a TMS should also have offline capabilities. Trucks often enter areas with poor connections, and offline mode allows drivers to report the delivery status even if they’re offline.


Our Services

User App for Customers

The cutting-edge app for customers connects them with certified mechanics nearby in real-time. Service seekers can schedule repair assistance for vehicles parked at their home, office, or any other space with ease.

App for Mechanics

The dedicated app for mechanics connects service providers with customers hassle-free. Integrated with smart features and tech, professional mechanics can connect and reach customer’s location in real-time.

Admin Dashboard

The powerful admin dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of the entire business operations. Monitor and manage the on-demand mechanic’s service business, end-to-end glitch-free.

Our on-demand Garage app development solution Includes:

  1. Admin Panel
  • The logistics mobile app development company focuses on developing the admin panel as it is the core of the entire logistics app and gives their transportation-related clients a complete control. Here are some necessary features of the admin panel:

    • Dashboard- It includes every information related to the users and drivers. The admin can see the pending and completed orders along with the real-time information
    • Driver monitoring- It enables the admin to monitor the driver’s on-road activities and managing all the pending orders
    • Push notification- It enables the admin to send notifications regarding order completion, payment, and driver allotment
    • Billing- The admin can access, analyze, and approve all the bills and invoices with ease by using this feature
    • Vehicle management- This is one of the most important features for the admin. It is easy to track the vehicles and their fuel consumption along with performing other management-related activities

The application allows customers to rate and review the professionals’ post-service completion. Service seekers provide additional feedback to help improve service quality.

  • Live Tracking

Live-track service professionals via the customer app and admin panel with ease. The feature helps customers guide professionals to their location if required.

  • Business Analytics

Download detailed reports on business functionalities, revenue structure, user ratings, service efficiency, and others via the admin panel for smart decision making.

  • Smart Dispatch

Efficiently dispatch service professionals to service seekers location on-the-go. Admins can either manually dispatch each request or set to “Auto” dispatch mode.

  • Multi-Payment Gateways

For convenient & secured transactions, the app integrated with popular payment gateways as per business requirements.

In addition to all of this, make sure the Droidtasker team you choose can track documents and can meet the needs of a wide range of users. If you operate internationally, your system must handle both metric and imperial units: kilometers/miles and kilograms/pounds.

Chat- It is always better to stay connected with your drivers and customers online. The in-app chat features enable you to communicate with drivers, stakeholders, and other people as and when necessary.

Multi-language Support- When it comes to coordinate with the drivers across different regions and countries, the multilingual app remains useful.

GPS- Apart from showing the driver’s route, the GPS technology enables you to get information about various locations where your drivers can go during the course of their journey. It has a role in sending the push notifications.

Analytics- It enables you to measure all the business activities. You can get real-time reports regarding order completion, fuel consumption, and the like precisely.


Do you want to invest your time and potential in a business that brings higher

profits and return on investment?

At Droidtasker, you will get something amazing for you people who are looking for the best businesses to start in 2019. Have you ever heard of uber for truck Providers? As you can see, the decisions you make for your business process optimization should be based on research and careful consideration. We hope this post was informative enough to help you simplify a tough choice. Keep in mind that you can always lean on a partner experienced in corresponding mobile and web app development and in software architecture design. They will help you make better software than that widely-available in the market as it will be tailored to your specific needs. Yalantis has vast experience creating optimization solutions for the logistics industry. Let us know if you would like to take advantage of our services. 

 will help you with making one for your  on demand application for your business. We will offer you with quality help through our uber for Mechanics application headway organization. 

How Droidtasker can help you to setup business

Droidtasker team is the group of highly skilled professionals who are the master of their fields. We are providing the on-demand app development solutions to the top business in the town and all over the globe. We are also dealing with the custom made app solutions where you can get a professional app for your business that meets your exact needs and requirements. We have already developed and deployed several successful on-demand applications for different businesses. The main focus of our business is to help the businesses grow by using our on-demand app development services. We understand the needs and requirements of your business. On-demand roadside application development has been one of the most successful projects by Droidtasker. Our state of the art Garage app is the exact solution that your business needs.We are one stop shop for all of your business needs as our professional team is dealing with all kind of digital solutions for all kinds of businesses. We can create on-demand applications and websites for your businesses.

Droidtasker mobile app development company is best choice for everyone who need custom or native app development. I have over half increment in the customer maintenance in the wake of getting my application fixed from Droidtasker team. They changed the progression of the application and made it very easy to understand. I Thankful to Droidtasker team who maintaining and develop mobile applications for Our company and look forward to long term healthy relationship with him. 

George Zagoritis

CEO , (Ultra Mobile Solution)

Cost Effective

Need to dispatch Droidtasker on-request applications arrangement a critical bases?  With just couple of customization to our versatile items it effectively can satisfy your business needs, Its ability of customization it very well may be changed over into any sort of business . Our answer is all set we simply need barely any days to dispatch it.


Highly Secured

Much obliged for Droidtasker committed group who consistently improving application security and decreasing outsider conditions which makes our application secure and Independent.  we use secure structures in the market yet. Where security connects from the adaptable application to the API’s. Usage of keychain .

Global Presence

Our answer functions admirably in practically the entirety of the significant nations. we at Droidtasker are growing our arrives at step by step. Our Technology includes vehicle diagnostics, telematics, utilizing AR to improve working condition profitability, organizing blockchain for store arrange makes our item helpful on around the world.

Cloud Computation

Clients can scale administrations to meet their requirements, modify applications and access cloud administrations from anyplace with a web association. Undertaking clients can get applications to advertise rapidly, without agonizing over basic foundation expenses or support.


Well documented

We additionally pursue the best spotless coding and code documentation works on utilizing an assortment of apparatuses. The abilities in an interdisciplinary group can be packaged to make documentation that is valuable and appropriate for upgrading and keeping up your product.

Well programmed

Droidtasker has lightning fast enterprise-grade solutions. Whether its leveraging Java, Python, MongoDB to create a strong backends or creating super fast frontends via Node, Swift, JS, Java, React Native etc to Automation smoother business workflows.


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Mr. Abhinay Singh from droidtasker project manager is very talended and experianced, He is very easy to work with, and a gentleman to the core. surpassed my expectations regarding timelines and is always ready to assist. I will recommend him any day!

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