Smartphones with mobile apps is transforming every aspect of our life and has made a great influence in every sectors, industries. Technology aligned solutions provided the users a new level of control in food habits, fitness habits and lifestyle habits. Among others, Healthcare industry is greatly utilizing the benefits of digital technologies in the form of mobile apps.

Key Features

Video Coaching

Real time access to live videos by experts in health, nutrition, exercise, Zumba, Yoga, Meditation and a lot more

Health Ecommerce store

Offers a ecommerce store of healthcare products and services where you can purchase healthy food, snacks, exercise equipment and supplements etc


Watch out daily discount offers and Flash sales and get cash points which can be redeemed on products/services.


GOQii Doctor is a professional physician and expert who will be available on app platform to provide consultations.


Track your fitness through GOQii HR , GOQii Vital, GOQii Run-GPS,GOQii Element with your wireless device.


Allows you to be motivated and influenced by friends for better lifestyle and health.


Rewarded with karma points that you use as vital currency to make donations towards the desirable caused listed in GOQii platform.

Personal Coaching

As per your goal to feel better, get healthier, weight loss, sleep better or break a bad habit,GOQii coach helps you to get successful, motivated in achieving your health and fitness aim.

How Droidtasker Develop A HealthCare Application?

  • Our team of developers undergoes a deep medical and ethical analysis for best M-health development idea.
  • Consider patients as primary concern while building a successful mobile app.
  • Our design and development strictly follows all regulations related in protecting legal health information and security practices.
  • Clear structure which solves particular problem.
  • High user-friendliness.
  • We add Features with clinical inputs.

Droidtasker Consider for Advance Healthcare App

In order to ensure you with successful and advance healthcare app, the best mobile app development company consider several high tech technologies.

  • Blockchain-Healthcare Transformation

A leading and dominating technology that has not only transformed financial industry, but also revolutionized the healthcare world .We integrate Blockchain technology in M-health app which assist the patients with proper and synchronized healthcare ecosystem and assure high security/confidentiality in protecting patient’s data.

  • Telemedicine Services

Patient may feel hectic by waiting for long appointments or doctor meetings. Telemedicine is an innovative and latest mobile app feature which provides a network for patients and doctors in which they can easily book an appointment through remote communication and get diagnosed with their concerned specialist. A features by which patients get medically treated without visiting a hospital or clinic

  • Data Security for Health Care Apps

Being one of the trusted healthcare app development company in Bangalore, we ensure the patients with full data security including personal information, login credentials, financial data and credential and much more. Our team of professionals develops a secured app which offers an accessibility to doctors in a secure manner.

  • Healthcare bots

DxMinds the prime adopter of Chatbot technology in mobile app which enables the users to interact about their symptoms 24/7, and helps them to obtain accurate medical advice through interactive conversation in the form of chats .From booking an appointment to accessing the reports bots have become an advantageous technology.

How Much Does an healthcare app like GOQii Cost?

A health or medical app cost purely depends on the nature and complexity of the app. And we being a top app development company in Bangalore, estimated the healthcare app development cost of clone app like GOQii by considering various factors such as App platform, App size, App functionalities and advance technologies. It goes around $1k-$5K and may differ from one app Development Company to other. If you are looking to develop an m-health app or personal healthcare app, contact us with your requirements and app concept we are pleased to provide free estimation with cost.



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